Packaging Labels Printing Software Reviews

Importing Excel and text files you can create bulk number of barcodes. Software has predefine barcode designing view mode in which user can create own barcode with various barcode fonts. Barcode label application generates flexible or high quality barcode images. User can change the value of barcode header and footer. For beginners Barcode labeling feature is very easy to understandable also have good printability. Barcode label maker software facilitates to copy and paste using MS-Excel, MS-Word etc.
Some Significant steps to create own barcode in just few clicks:
Steps-1 Download and install packaging industry barcode label software
Steps-2 Use barcode designing view mode
Software provides a designing mode for creating one or more barcode tags, coupons, badges.
Steps-3 Creating and managing batch series
Barcode program allow to import excel sheet, txt files for design multiple barcode images in less time. Software includes creating list – sequential, random, or constant.
Steps-4 Select your barcode fonts such as Coda Bar, Code 128 Set A, Code 39, Aztec, Data bar and many more
Steps-5 Click next button to add barcode fonts on your card, user have choice to select either linear or 2d according to their requirement.
Steps-6 Advance print setting option to print creative barcode as per user wants.
Steps-7 Software provide a Sample preview of your barcode before exporting as PDF as image
Key points:
*Easily save your designer barcode in collective file formats such as GIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF etc.
*Software support both technologies and type linear or 2D.
* Print setting feature to print barcode as per user needs.
*Batch series allow to creating number of barcode at same time using Excel or Text based files.
*Users can export generated barcode list as Excel files for future use.
*Users also can send customized barcode labels to the specified Email address using inbuilt Email settings.

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