Revenge Reviews

Once I was the king of this country. Righteous ruler. I was respected by my subjects and feared by my enemies. But one day my chief adviser betrayed me and, with the help of blackmail and bribery, was able to win over all the influential people of the capital to his side. They declared me a sorcerer, they slandered me! Not ashamed of anyone, they dragged me out to the square and, in the midst of the condemning roar of the crowd, dragged me to the gallows … I promised them to come back and take revenge… And I… came back… Help the king to take revenge, kill as many traitors as possible and take them with you to hell before they get to you. How many waves can you withstand? Challenge yourself. Four kinds of enemy with different characteristics will not let you get bored. Each of them has its own strengths. Someone is extremely fast, but weak, and someone is slow, but strong as a stone. A dynamic shoot’em up will help you distract yourself from the surrounding problems and release the accumulated aggression. Come back to the game again and again to beat your previous score.

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