Advanced PC Cleanup Reviews

With Advanced PC Cleanup installed and running on your PC, delete system cache
junk files, clear out the trash sitting idle in the Recycle Bin and secure your PC from malicious files and infections. The scan shows categorical results of the files taking up unnecessary space.

For improved speed and optimized performance, keeping computer malware infection-free is important. Advanced PC Cleanup scans the system for malware, adware, spyware, and other PUPs that invade the system and harm the device. The PC optimization tool combines multiple tasks of cleaning different sections under one roof. It shows you the space taken up by unwanted files and helps clean these files without looking for them manually.

In addition to this, using Advanced PC Cleanup you can delete the old downloads, uninstall apps that you no longer use or have been installed without your knowledge. To make sure PC functions without any issues, Advanced PC Cleanup scans and removes invalid registry entries, manages startup items, secures PC, and erased online tracks blocking people from tracking you using digital footprints.

Unlike other system optimization tools, the Identity Traces module of this PC cleaner lists saved passwords that make you most vulnerable. You can wipe out these traces and keep your security intact. This makes Advanced PC Cleanup better than others and the best PC optimizer. Also, you can set a schedule to run the scan at a preferred time and keep PC up and running without speed lag or any other issues.

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