avorca mcqPro Reviews

mcqPro edition is windows app a for creating epub3 compliant ebook In addition to facilities offered by free Avorca, AvorcaPaid adds a lot of functionality for the professional user e.g if you are authoring with mcqPro, you can add images, audio, video, MathML formulae. This is more than adequate to author MCQs for IIT-JEE, NEET, etc. You can also author 5 option Bank Exam MCQs
screen shots available.
Trial version also available
mcqPro Edition
Author 5 option MCQs for Bank exams
Add MathML code to Author MCQs with integrals, summations …
Add a Solutions file for your MCQs
Add a Video
Add an Audio
Your MCQs can now have a picture, audio or video enabling an epub document that replaces several pdfs in addition to having audio and video

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