Excel ID Card Maker Software Reviews

ID Badges Maker Software can create almost any type of ID card in a short amount of time and effort. ID card design software is simple to use and can create fully customised ID cards as well as ID cards based on templates. Everyone can use ID card software since it features a user-friendly interface.There are several sorts of design or templates that may be used to create appealing ID cards. ID card design software generates ID cards in picture, PDF, and template formats.
ID Card Designer Software can generate linear and 2D barcodes to add on ID card. Software generates multiple ID cards in short time by using batch processing series option with unique text, image and barcode value. To make ID cards, the ID card generator imports values from an Excel or Text file and is compatible with exporting values to text or excel documents for reuse. Software allows users to send designed ID card to any specified email address by using mail feature. Advance print option of the software offers advance feature to print single or multiple designed ID cards simultaneously.
ID card maker application design unique and customizable ID cards by using various card properties such as card shape, card information, card size, card presets and card category. ID card can be formed in different card shapes such as rectangle, rounded rectangle and ellipse. PVC Card and Paper Card can be created by using this software.
Software Features:
*ID Card Generator Software print Created ID cards by using advanced or flexible print settings.
*Software provides email setting feature to send designed ID cards to a specified email address.
*User can create several ID cards with various text and barcode values with ease by using batch processing series.
*Allows users to save generated professional ID cards in different file formats such as PDF, image and template to a user-specified location for future use.

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