Free EML File Reader Reviews

Install and Open EML Files without any trouble using Free EML File Reader Tool. It is the best forensic tool used for e-discovery of confidential data from tampered , protected or inaccesible EML files .The EML file reader software is designed with great precision and smart algorithms to scan and extract EML file contents .The tool incoporates simple and Windows explorer style interface to ease out native users .There is no need to locate EML Files manually with auto locator and indexed searching options the software locates EML files using words or phrases easily. For advanced users, attachements included inside EML files are scanned and previewed in different HTML, RTF, MIME views. Easy to customize preview pannel, can be switched from horizontal to vertical view or vice versa ; as per user comfort. It is compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows OS. EML File Reader Tool needs atleast 1 Ghz processor speed, 1 GB of RAM and 26 MB free hard disc space.

1. Users can view EML file along with attachments like: .docx, .doc, .xls, .ppt, image files etc.
2. Option to view header of the EML data file in a very short period
3. Free EML File Reader software will process EML files automatically when user select the folder containing EML
4. Switch the view mode of the application interface to Vertical or Horizontal
5. Tool has user-friendly interface which is same as Windows Explorer
6. With EML File Opener users can easily get bit by bit .eml file information & know insight detail of the data file

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