Freeware Birthday Invitation Card Maker Reviews

Freeware Birthday Invitation Card Maker software has a simple and easy graphical user interface that allows you to create Invitation Card in minimum time and efforts. Birthday party card designer software is truly freeware, safe and easily usable. User can upload or add image on invitation card in any format like GIF, JPEG, BITMAP, PNG and TIFF by using add image property of freeware software. Software design birthday invitation card by using two different modes that are Start by using Wizard and Open with existing Design Log. For designing birthday invitation card user only need to select background design, title, messages and details of the card by using wizard mode of the software. Launch pre-saved design log into the software to create birthday invitation cards easily.
Birthday Invitation Card Designer has many tools, shapes, designs, styles, templates, effects, and backgrounds that help in creating attractive birthday cards. Software provide image cropping tool for cropping a single or multiple images for adding on birthday invitation cards. Software has an option of card properties using which user can change the shape, name, size, font or font-colour of the card. User can use the background format property to change the background colour into solid, transparent or in gradient.
Software Features:
*Batch Processing Series feature allows users to print multiple Birthday party Invitation cards with various image and text values for free of cost.
*Software is capable of cropping single or multiple images using image cropping (Bulk image cropping) feature.
*Software provides advanced print setting option to print designed invitation card according to users specifications.
*Software can export designed birthday party card as PDF, image and design log or template.
*User can send designed Birthday Invitation card via inbuilt mail settings option to any specified email address.

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