Freeware USB Data Recovery Software Reviews

USB Drive Data Recovery Free Software is a complete solution for recovering the deleted data from USB drive. Software is 100% freeware and available for all the versions of the windows operating system. Software is easy to use and handle because of its user-friendly interface. Software gives the easiest way to recover the data.
Software can recover the data as previous as you want, till drive having space to contain the data. Basically, recovery of USB drive data depends on the drive size. Software has three modes of recovery i.e., Basic Search, Deep Search and Signature Search. In Basic Search, simply select the drive. Then, click on next button and you got your deleted data at your selected location.
In Deep Search, you can retrieve the data by sectors. Software provides the slider for selecting the start sector and end sector for recovery or you can enter the values of start and end sector manually for recovery.
Signature Search gives the option of recovering data based on extensions of files like JPEG, DOCX, MP3, BMP, GIF, HTML, PDF, etc.
Freeware USB drive data finder software gives the Search More Partitions button for searching the more partitions of the connected drive. Software contains four modes of drive file system are FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and Unknown. Using Save Log button you can save the recovered file as log file. Software provides Load Log button for loading the log file of recovery data. Using log file, you can get the data again from where you leave. Using Save Data button you can save the recovered files on your desired locations. But don’t save the recovered files on previous location or drive because it may cause overwriting.
Features of USB Drive Data Recovery
*Software is a powerful tool to recovers the deleted data.
*Software supports all sizes of USBs like 2GB, 4GB, 16GB, 32GB, etc.
*Software recovers all types of formats of data like 3GP, CDR, DB (Database), PNG, PPT, PSD (Adobe Photoshop File), etc.

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