MacSonik iCloud Backup Tool Reviews

MacSonik iCloud Backup Tool for Mac is one of the most proficient and reliable utilities that can easily backup emails from iCloud to hard drive. It easily backup and save iCloud emails to MSG, HTML, PST, PDF, MBOX, and many more file formats on Mac. It also allows the user to directly migrate iCloud emails to multiple email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Office 365, AOL, Zoho, and so on. This iCloud email backup software provides an option to save emails from iCloud with or without attachments. MacSonik iCloud Backup Tool maintains the hierarchy of folders originally during backup and migration. Users can find the same folder hierarchy of the mailbox after the backup as it was earlier before the backup. The software is equipped with the many latest features that allow users to perform the Apple mail backup smoothly. It has the feature to remove duplicate emails from the backup and migration process on the basis of to, from, cc, and bcc. This top-notch iCloud Backup Tool for Mac also has a Mail Filter option. It permits the users to select specific emails for the backup and migration process. Users are required to enter the start date and end date to opt for a specific email backup. This iCloud backup software is purely developed to retain all the iCloud emails efficiently and quickly on the Mac operating system. There are several conditions when users want to backup the iCloud emails without attachments, MacSonik iCloud backup tool for Mac does the same. We have another advantage of the MacSonik iCloud backup tool that it can skip previously migrated items during the backup and migration process. If you are scheduling an email backup next time then there is no need to filter the previously migrated emails manually. This tool is compatible with all the updated versions of Mac OS including macOS 13 and does not require any technical expertise to run. Users can easily install and run the software on any Mac OS with a minimum of 1GB RAM.

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