Smart Grid Simulations Reviews

Smart Grid Simulations is a collection of Business Planners in (x/y/t) that allow you to calculate your personal Household Power Supply. With PV Energy, Wind Turbine, as well as Cost/Profit of Public Infrastructure in relation, all Calculations are fully Transparent via ToolTips with Formulas and live calculation in Numbers. Privacy Protection – no data gathering, no Server behind you. It’s your data. We respect that. Traditional Desktop Client.

To introduce the Smart Grid Application, as usual, at Dynamic Applications, we go back to the heart, to the origin of our Product – the development of public infrastructure, all from the very ground up. So here we are, a gain, my dear, in the beginning, really far back in history.

Smart Grid Simulations.

our free collection of infrastructure simulations, with a forecast in System Dynamics.

From there, we concern ourselves with creating a good, reasonable balance between the public state and the person’s home. So this one, Young Modeler, this one is really on founding, on building your own Civilization.

Water Supply (basic self-supply)
Apple Tree (self-supply with Garden)
Multi-Material Tool Builder (cost margin)
Business Process Manager (work and time)
Photovoltaic System (electricity producer)
Wind Turbine (electricity for the village)
App developer (basic) (Computer and IT)
21st century Truck Driver (Private or Public Transport)
Internet of Things developer (basic) (Small Parcel Trade)
Smart Grid Energy Production – Germany (2000-2025)
Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition (user voting)
Configurable Time Ruler (48 months standard simulation).

The free version allows you to edit the Top 12 Formula.

All in all, Smart Grid Simulations is a reliable Product that brings a large variety of Power Supply and Infrastructure Simulations. Every Input Value can be fine-tuned over time (rising/falling/saturate), so you can play all kinds of what-if-then scenarios at an exceptional Price – free of charge.

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