Stickman Jailbreak 4 Reviews

The new fourth of the jailbreak! The main character Stikman is in prison with other prisoners. Your goal is to find successful ways to jail escape prison. Being in a zone behind the bars is very difficult psychologically, so you need to turn on the brains and attentiveness to the whole coil to get out of here. There will be only one escape in your head! Your hero Stick will be sitting in a cell with a formidable cellmate and a lowered person who will prevent you from escaping from prison. You are given ten items to choose from, many of which will lead you to lose, but some items will give you a victory. On the way, in addition to criminals, you will meet police officers who will do everything possible to prevent you from escaping from prison. You are waiting for puzzles, fights and a little shooting. The game has funny moments and black humor. Interesting storyline options, fun animation and animation will help diversify your life. This game will appeal not only to players who are at large, but also to prisoners in custody.

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