Stickman School Reviews

You have to play stik student who does not like to study at school. The student Stickman was so tired of learning and listening to tedious teachers with stereotypical thinking that the student decided to escape. While the teacher left the class the student decided to look at the teacher’s box and was horrified. In the box were many different items. A pupil without hesitation decided to use these tools to escape from school. You need to find the right tools for escaping from school. If you choose the wrong tool, you will be caught and forced to study until the end of your days. What could be more terrible to go to school all my life? Need to fight this school system! You can not zombie students to the thinking of a slave! So where are we staying? Oh yeah, you need to find the right tools and leave this dark school. Beautiful animation, graphics and plot with a sense of humor will lift your spirits, and you will no longer feel like a slave for a while. This game can be played anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the escape from school.

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