2D Universal Barcode Font and Encoder Reviews

The 2D Universal Barcode Font and Encoder Suite includes 2D fonts for generating QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF417 as well as encoders for environments such as Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, FileMaker, SSRS, .NET, Java, Internet, Email and others. The fonts are compatible with virtually any environment in Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. The encoders may be integrated into a range of environments, and are generally compatible up to the latest version of those environments or applications. Following are some additional features:

-Supports QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, DotCode, MaxiCode and Aztec barcode types.
-Includes a VBA code, Windows DLLs and Crystal Reports UFL with examples for Excel, Word, Access, FileMaker Pro and Crystal Reports.
-Includes a specially designed font to work in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to create QR Code, Data Matrix and PDF417 barcodes on Windows and Mac OSX.
-The .NET DLL, Native JavaScript Font Encoder, Java Class Library, .NET Forms Control, ASP.NET Web Server Control, Java Applet, and Servlet are part of the Advantage Developer Package, and require at least a Developer License.

The 2D Universal Barcode Font and Encoder Suite is available in a variety of license options to suit your usage scenario. There are a range of options for single or multi-users as well as single sites, developers or commercial usage. Developer License versions include Developer Tools for use in Java, .NET, SSRS, the web and other complex environments. Download immediately after the order is placed and paid via our website, or download a free demo for testing in non-Developer environments.

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