Abandoned House Reviews

Do not enter this house! Fear is waiting inside the house! You strangely get into an abandoned house with ghosts. Your job is to find your girlfriend in the house. Explore 250 rooms after seeing 250 paranormal phenomena on the way! Ghosts, monsters and ghosts will be waiting for you at every step! Muraki will run through your body. Scary sounds and rustling will raise the hair on your head. Dolls, wheelchairs and other abandoned items will terrify your soul. In this old house you can find your girlfriend or find a heart attack. The accursed house of fear and horror will appeal to all lovers of mystical games. A house with ghosts and monsters will scare everyone who dares to penetrate it. See that there is nothing penetrated in you, and then who knows these ghosts. The game will appeal to the same diggers and all those who like to wander and walk around the abandoned places.

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