Aml Assist Reviews

What is Aml Assist
Aml Assist is a popular plug-in for Aml Pages that provides a lot of routines in more suitable ways. And quite a long ago, by users demands, its been included in official Aml Pages distributive. Aml Pages plug-in renders on a desktop an icon-like floating panel that stays on top of all windows providing this way a merely instant access to most functions of Aml Pages, at that, without need to restore Aml Pages window itself. Following screenshot shows the look of Aml Assist.
Saving all stuff by dragging to Aml Assist panel
One of the most “mighty” features of Aml Assist is support of dragging different stuff to its panel. You can drag some text from Microsoft Word, Outlook,; whole web pages or their parts from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Maxthon; text fragments from Help systems (CHM-files); code blocks from Microsoft Visual Studio; at last but not least, usual files from Windows Explorer, Total Commander, FAR. Aml Assist will itself analyze the data dragged and will propose to choose appropriate data formats to save in a document. So that easy – you select a fragment anywhere, drag it to Aml Assist panel, choose among proposed format and press OK! Oops! All done! Your data is in Aml Pages document.

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