Apple Mac Barcode Label Making Program Reviews

Apple Mac Barcode Label Creator produces attractive barcode labels that are used in small, medium or large sized organizations. User can save the designed barcode label as a log file. Software supports all versions of macOS installed machines. User can create barcode labels by using some simple steps given below-
Step 1: Create a new barcode label in either quick barcode mode or barcode designing view mode.
Step 2: Set the barcode value, alignments, show or hide headers and footers of the label according to requirements.
Step 3: Change various settings like general, font, color and image to modify the barcode label.
Step 4: In barcode designing view mode, use various tools like line, signature, watermarks, images etc. to design the barcode label.
Step 5: Enable the batch processing series option and create multiple copies of labels with different barcode and text values by using custom data sheet or created data list.
1)Make a new text or excel file and fill it with unique barcode and text values.
2) Generate large volume of barcode labels by importing the text or excel file in the current data sheet.
Step 6: Export the barcode label as an image and save it in different file formats like jpeg, tiff, gif etc. User can also export the barcode label in pdf format.
Step 7: Go to print settings, fill the print properties and then click print button.
*User can make amazing barcode labels in less time without applying many efforts.
*Use Random, Sequential and Constant Value series generating option to create bulk barcode labels list.
*Trace and maintain the records of various business details with the help of the software.
*Software has simple graphical user interface that helps the user to understand the functionalities easily.
*Send the designed barcode label to any particular email address by using the inbuilt email facility provided by the software.
*Advanced print option helps the user to print multiple barcode labels at the same time.

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