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Can I run HTML to PDF on Azure with IronPDF? IronPDF opens Azure, allowing HTML to PDF functionality to be added to Azure applications, including .Net framework, .Net core and Docker as your applications.
There are certain tiers of Azure that work better with IronPDF. B2 tier and above will generally provide better HTML to PDF rendering. To understand, rendering PDFs is programmatically complicated. When you render a PDF or web page on your computer, it may take a second or so to do so. The same is true in the cloud. You’re going to need a certain amount of compute power, and the free tiers are not going to have enough power to keep up with heavy workloads. Fortunately, Azure provides $300 a month of free functionality to developers and this should be more than enough for most developers to get started. Even better, if you run your PDF generation application within a Docker instance, on Azure, you have a higher degree of control, and you work around a theory security feature which it has in place. The security and features include locking away web fonts, such as font awesome, from use and Google Fonts from use within .Net applications and you may find that very frustrating if you want to have highly stylized PDFs. The best Azure too to use for PDF generation from any application is going to be a Docker instance.
There are issues with running the free version of Azure with IronPDF. Free tier Azure with IronPDF is not going to work. You can try it out, and it will work but it will be incredibly slow. It’s likely that your application or function will build up a backlog and feel like it’s getting stuck. This isn’t a bug. It’s because the free tier of Azure is not powerful enough to do PDF rendering.
We can discuss how to access Google Fonts directly using Azure web apps. Google Fonts is locked off by Azure by design. This is to stop a type of attack on the Azure platform where SVG fonts could be used to attack graphics memory.

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