Backlink Checker Reviews

If you want to increase the popularity and search engine ranking of your domain then you should use this backlink checking software. This utility checks and monitors all the list of backlinks placed on advertisers site. Inbound link monitoring tool tracks all http or https websites and checks reciprocal, java script and all other links which are pointing to your site address. Inward link tracker import list of advertisers websites from a txt or csv file format. Application is capable to works with many numbers of profiles at a same time and sends the status report to administrators email after a regular period of time. It can also generate report in a text or html file format so that you can easily judge that where your link is placed or not.

Freeware weblink checking program helps you to boost the fame and search engine ranking of your site which helps to increase your business turnover. Software works in all windows operating system like XP, NT, ME, 98, vista and longhorn and it comes with simple to use user friendly graphical user interface (GUI). With the help of inlink monitor you can find all your link exchange networks and link partners and also compare your competitors WebPages ranking and back links. Any one can use this tool having technical skills or not. Software comes with inbuilt helps option that describes how to use this utility.
Important Features:
* Supports multiple checking instead of one by one checking.
* Maintains infinite numbers of profiles simultaneously.
* Easy to install and use in all windows operating systems.
* Supports all http or https sites.
* Comes with convenient to use GUI.
* Capable to sends report to administrators email.
* Helps you to increase search engine ranking and popularity of your domain name.
* With this tool you can see which sites are linking back to your sites.

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