BitRecover vCard Manager Wizard Reviews

BitRecover vCard Manager Wizard is a comprehensive and user-friendly software designed to efficiently manage and organize vCard contacts. This powerful tool allows users to easily view, edit, and organize vCard files. This VCF Organizer Software provides a seamless experience for individuals and business professionals.
BitRecover VCF Manager Wizard provides two separate options to delete vCard contacts that have attachments or don’t have attachments. Hence, you can easily delete required VCF contacts from the database to manage them. vCard Organizer Tool also has an isolated option to remove attachments from all vCard files at once.
vCard Manager Tool offers dual options to add vCard contacts in software window like Add Files or Add Folders. You can use these options to add several VCF files and folders at once then you can manage VCF files in bulk. This is an ideal software to organize vCard contacts without affecting source VCF files.
This VCF Organizer Software is suitable for viewing vCard file contacts including proper information. It is authorized to view VCF contacts with Full Name, Email Address, Company Name, Job Description, Web Address, Business Address, Home Address, Business Phone Number, Home Phone Number, Personal Mobile Number, Business FAX Number, and Profile Picture.

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