Cemetery Warrior 4 Reviews

Five years ago, the main villain of Part 3 – the Demon Zexus, was defeated by a brave monk and promptly sent back to hell. However, what won’t the game developers do to surprise the player?
After 5 years, Cemetery Warrior returns, and this time the player will play as Zexus himself. What a twist!
Zexus spent 5 years in continuous torment that his father subjected him to as a punishment for losing the last battle. But the sentence is over, and the only thing the demon wants is to exact revenge on his father.

Inspired by games like Doom, Painkiller and Serious Sam, the developer immerses you in the chaotic gameplay under Heavy Metal. Shoot crowds of various monsters whose variety of AI is amazing:

There are jumping monsters and earthworms, monsters shooting with spikes, monsters that run along walls, huge fiery demons and mighty titans.

Special attention is paid to bosses: Each of them has a unique AI, and require a special approach to face.

Each weapon in the game is balanced, and has a unique feature:

Your shotgun is good to have handy for its powerful headshots.
The machine gun is able to paralyze monsters with a quick burst.
The laser yields powerful, concentrated damage
A grenade launcher takes out an area, creating a big explosion.

Also, the supernatural abilities of the demon complement the arsenal of fire. Zexus is able to fly level, moving instantaneously. And also there’s the Demon Roar, which tears all enemies to pieces.

The level of graphics has increased dramatically with a variety of locations and bright special effects, explosions, sparks and blood. The game has several hours of chaotic gameplay and 3 difficulty levels for any type of player

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