Cigati CSV to vCard Converter Reviews

Cigati CSV to vCard Converter is the modern-day software with a user-friendly interface. Users don’t need a great amount of technical knowledge to operate this software. This utility helps you to convert CSV file data into different vCard versions. Users can verify the imported CSV files in its preview panel. You can add single as well as multiple files to convert them into vCard or PDF formats. You need to run it as administrator after installing the CSV to VCF Converter. Now, select the Add Single CSV file or choose Add folder option to import Single/Multiple CSV files. Then, it will show the preview of your imported CSV files. Here, it provides the saving options from vCard and PDF. Now, you can opt for the vCard or PDF option here according to their needs. Then, click on the Next option. Here, you can map the table data of CSV and VCF files on the basis of first name, last name, middle name, full name, prefix, suffix, gender, etc. This feature allows you to manage the CSV column data in the resultant vCard file. After selecting the Next button, it will show a new wizard. Here, you can select the option to create a single file for all contacts or save as blank contacts. In this wizard, you can also select the vCard version from 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0 to convert CSV to vCard. However, if you select the PDF as a resultant file then, it will allow you to set the User and Owner passwords. It will encrypt your resultant files and provide high data security. Here, you can also select the Portrait or Landscape orientation for your resultant PDF files. Then, after defining the log and destination path, press Convert to start the conversion process This advanced CSV to VCF Converter is an extensive utility to convert CSV to VCF format. It is available with a free demo version to experience its advanced functionality. This utility is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS including Win 11.

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