Data Doctor Recovery FAT Drive Reviews

Data Doctor FAT drive recovery tool is capable to restore all inaccessible or corrupted word files, images, PowerPoint presentations and other files folders of different formats such as txt, gif, xls, doc, avi, jpeg, bmp, ppt, 3gp, xml etc. Vista FAT data restoration software recovers lost data even if logical error messages like Drive Not Formatted or Disk Boot Failure are being displayed by your computer. FAT partition files retrieval utility retrieves deleted text files from different FAT file system such as VFAT, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32. Windows hard disk FAT data backup application efficiently recovers and restores exe, zip, rar files from logically all crashed FAT supported USB hard drives. FAT data salvage software provides interactive user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) and easily recovers all damaged files. Hard disk FAT partition recovery tool securely retrieves all missing pictures, office files and saves at user specified location. Windows Vista FAT files restoration utility restores erased excel sheets, music files, video clips even after corruption in boot sector, MFT (Master File Table), MBR (Master Boot Record), DBR (DOS Boot Record), root directory and file allocation table. Data Doctor FAT drive recovery software provides support to all hard disks (SATA, ATA, SCSI, IDE, EIDE) available in different storage capacities. FAT data rescue application runs on all Windows operating system including Windows Vista.
* Hard disk FAT files retrieval utility recovers missing directories from FAT supported USB hard drives which are infected by bad sector.
* Windows FAT data restoration software rescue all photographs and data files lost due to corrupted media.
* Data Doctor FAT drive recovery tool supports hard disks of all major brands like Seagate, Transcend, Samsung, IBM and Hitachi.
* Fat partition data rescue utility recovers deleted data from accidentally formatted hard drives.

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