Data Erasure Tool Reviews

Data wiper software permanently erases your personal documents, wash internet history, links of last visited URLs, cache, cookies etc. Disk cleaner tool completely wipes your secret files, folders, private pictures, images, photos, movies, clips from any types of storage media like pen drive, memory stick pro, duo, multimedia memory card etc. Data erasing algorithm uses the disk clean up command for lastingly erases the confidential documents such as financial records, passwords, business related information. Data washer manager frees the complete hard disk space or used and unused partitions memory from storage drives. It is a useful eraser application for government agencies and military for destroying their confidential document. File erasure utility can erase all personal programs like word, text, access files and folders. Picture deleting software lastingly removes all your personal video clips and snaps from your hard drives. Tool supports all windows operating systems such as XP, ME, NT, Vista, server 2008 and Longhorn. Cleaner software can erases temporary files, recent documents etc. Utility provides easy to use user friendly GUI facility with the inbuilt help option.
*Data cleaner is helpful tool for secret agencies for destroying their confidential information.
*Picture eraser utility is used for deleted their private images and photos permanently from hard disk.
*Cleansing algorithm uses the data cleanup command for completely deleting the personal files and folders.
*Program has best user friendly GUI facility.
*Disc space cleanup manager frees all used and unused space of hard disk for better utilization.
*Removes the secret data from all types of storage media like USB compact drive, removable disc, mem-cards etc.
*This program is available in destructive and non-destructive mode.

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