Dead Dust Reviews

The action of the game DeadDust unfolds in the vast wild West saturated with cowboy romance, the smell of gunpowder, endless prairies and of course crazy shootouts. The main character, the indefatigable bounty hunter Schlango, receives a letter from an influential person who has launched a network of Saloons. From the letter, the hero learns that the owner’s daughter was stolen, which we need to return for a reward, and it will not be easy to do this, because our path will lie through the lands of the Indians. Fortunately, there are fearless friends who are ready to saddle horses at any second and go on an incredible journey. Choose a hero and make your way through the crowds of enemies. You need to be able to stay alive on each of the challenging levels, where you will meet crowds of Indians, bandits and even creepy aliens armed with plasma weapons. Collect loot on your way, discover secrets and talk to the shop owner, from whom you can buy equipment that allows you to surpass your enemies. Having passed all the difficulties, the heroes.

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