DRS Google Drive Migration Tool Reviews

You can download your entire Google Drive data into the local drive using the Google Drive Data Migration Software. It automatically converts Google items into the native file extensions for Windows, such as Docs to Docx, Sheets to xlsx, etc. In this way, the integrity of the file is not altered in the conversion. It is possible to migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive without compromising the data structure. Using the Google Drive Migration Tool, Google Drive items in OneDrive can be assigned a suitable destination before exporting them. Using this utility, you can transfer files from one Google Drive to another. So, it’s a comprehensive solution for migrating G Drive files. It is a robust and trustworthy tool that ensures high security and privacy for your data. There will be no loss of data after the migration to Google Drive. Data integrity will be maintained along with file structure. It also has very simple and interactive interface. You can try its free demo version for the evaluation purpose and migrate data up to 20 MB for free.

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