Employee ID Badges Maker Software Reviews

Business ID Badges Designer Application produces mostly all kinds of ID cards in minimal time and efforts. The software is easy to use and produce fully custom as well as templates based ID cards. Software has the user friendly interface so that everyone can use it. Software provides the wizard feature that creates ID cards in step by step procedure. In ID card design software various types of samples of cards exists.
Software provides different designing mode for creating and printing ID cards according to the user’s requirements. Software design ID cards using predefined templates and designs. User can create ID card using Excel sheet and TXT based files. Software allows users to load the design of previously saved design logs. Software has additional visitor ID or Gate Pass Mode for creating visitor id and gate pass for visitors. Live Group and Batch Processing Series mode is capable of generating multiple corporate ID cards in minimum time using excel data.
ID card generator import values from Excel or Text file to create ID cards and compliant to export values in text or excel documents for reuse. Software generates ID cards in the form of image, PDF and template. Software has wide set of automation and batch processing options for generating, designing, printing, and saving multiple ID card images using dataset, excel, text import, series as well as manual input.
Software Features:
*ID Card Generator with inbuilt email settings facilitates to send generated ID cards images and PDF at user defined email address.
*Batch Processing Series feature allows generating and printing ID cards of group of people simultaneously using Excel data.
*Crop a single image or multiple images for your ID card using advance image cropping tool of the software.
*Option to print your designed ID cards using advance print settings.
*Export designed ID card as Template, as PDF or as Image format.

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