FlexiStation Employee Time and Productivity Software for Mac Reviews

FlexiStation Employee Time and Productivity Software for Mac is a free solution to create a flexible work environment with automatic employee time attendance logging. In addition to tracking staff hours, the software features tools for quality assurance monitoring and reporting, and works perfectly with home or remote based staff. FlexiStation is the modern replacement for a staff hours book or time card.

Combine FlexiStation with FlexiServer for a network or enterprise solution.

FlexiStation and FlexiServer Benefits:

* Saves employees the chore of needing to fill out hours in their hours books every day.
* No more chasing staff for them to submit their hours. Bookkeeping has 24/7 immediate access to all staff hours.
* Improves the way your business works by knowing exactly what is taking your staff the most time. Reports can be used for costing reasons to estimate how much time employees are working in different programs.
* Gives management the confidence to let employees work at home and still see what they are working on. The QA Screen Monitor gives managers the ability to see what their team is working on as if they were in the office.
* Lets you know exactly where your colleagues are at any time.
* Allows management to monitor outsourced or contract staff and monitor hours worked vs. hours billed.
* Gives employees more flexibility. With FlexiServer’s accurate hours tracking, management are much more likely to let employees work when and where they want.

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Download Mac Intel – www.nchsoftware.com/flexi/fstamaci.zip
Download Mac PowerPC – www.nchsoftware.com/flexi/fstamac.zip

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