Identification Document Creating Tool Reviews

Identification Card Maker Application facilitates us to save our generated card and it will be saved as user defined template. Software contain so many advance features like Shapes, Signature, Barcode, Background, Inbuilt Templates, Symbols, View, Manage data, Text and Image Editing. Identification Document Creating Tool provides us cropping tool to cut images and templates. Batch Processing is the special feature offered by the ID Card Designing Software. This is Processed in three ways i.e. Manage batch Series, Import Wizard and Create List. Software provides us some frames to set the features and properties of a card including Card, Image and Background properties. Size of a Card can be allotted by using Custom Size, Standard size like CR79, CR50, CR60, etc. and Get Size from Printer. Identification Document Creating Tool also facilitates you to import data by browsing excel file or by adding fields manually. Identification Document Creating Tool allows you to add signature in your Identity Card.WAYS TO DESIGN IDENTITY CARD:1.DESIGN USING PRE-DEFINED TEMPLATES: Identification Card Maker Application facilities us to use inbuilt or user-defined templates. Then, select the Card Category i.e. PVC Card or paper Slip. Set the size for your card. Mention the fields you want in your ID Card. User can also browse, capture and add an image manually also.2.START BY USING WIZARD: Identity Card Generating Application facilitates us to set shape, sides, layout and size of a card first. Then Select the card background from Solid Color, Gradient, Fill Style and Add Image. User is also capable to give border to his/her card. Then, set the Card details. 3.OPEN WITH EXISTING DESIGN LOG: Identity Card Creating Program provide facility to design ID card by using previously created design of a Card

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