Identity Card Creating Tool Reviews

Describe features and quality about the ID card maker software?
•Templates: Software provides two types: Card and user defined. There are too many templates available to use in the different aspects like vertical and horizontal.
•Text editing: It has four options related to text like font style, text colour, background colour, border and etc.
•Image editing: It has image border and alignment (rotate right, rotate left, flip vertical, flip horizontal) to set of image on the ID cards.
•Symbols: Software has predefines symbols which are used in other sectors. It has option of symbols reflection setting, outline setting and other options.
•View: In the software view interface we can preview the card front, back, copy current card design, user profile, standard tool bar, drawing tool bar and many others.
•Manage data: It contains the management of templates, data backup and restore, batch processing series and image cropping tools.
•Predefined symbols: Software has present few symbols (line ,rectangle) that can be use in the designing of ID cards.
•Library images: software provides library images for every type of sector and business.
•Image properties: Software has adjustable image properties as brightness, contrast, image rotation option, transparency and opacity of card.
•Card properties: It has contained general (card name, shape, size, and layout), background (card background fill option) and card border setting (border colour, width, style) related to card.
•Background templates: Some templates are providing for use as the background image.
•Extracting option: Application providing the too many option to extract designed ID cards in any type of file formats.
•User-friendly interface: Software interface is very simple so that everyone can easily operate this ID card maker software. There is no need of any technical skills or knowledge to use of this.

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