Image Background Remover Reviews

Image Background Remover detects the main object of an image and immediately removes the background or replaces it with a solid color. Support for batch processing, smart object selection and moving objects between digital photos. Great for multiple photos for ID cards. After importing pictures from the system, you need to select “Portrait, Product or Graphics” mode at the top left of the smart makeup remover. The site’s smart makeup remover will automatically remove the entire background of an image without doing anything. If you don’t want to remove the background, or you are not satisfied with the result, you can do it manually from the top left corner of the website. Here you can choose to keep, refine edges, define edges, erase and retouch hair, and remove to erase the image background. After removing the background from the image, you need to click the “Download” button in the upper right corner of the website interface. Now start with “.JPG or .PNG” and click the “Upload” button again in the dialog. that’s all. The image with the background removed will now be saved to your computer.

Main feature:
1. In addition to removing the background of an image, it also allows you to perform basic photo editing.
2. It supports all previous versions of Windows operating system except Windows 10.
3. It’s a handy tool so you don’t need much knowledge.
4. You can add or remove background images.
5. You can also add photos of other people in the background.

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