Intelligence System Reviews

Visual Business Process Automation (BPA), general development, and interactive agent engine with multiple language support (WinForms C# and-or VB.Net, PowerShell, and Batch) and artificial intelligence features such as neural networks and expert systems. Includes built in features that simplify asynchronous actions, recursion, UDP socketing, file operations, voice recognition and synthesis, timed actions, event handlers, and value injection. Includes advanced input recognition wildcard capabilities, built-in interactive agent and interface components (input and password boxes, radios, checkboxes, breadcrumbs, number pad, input filtration windows, etc.), and more. Agents created with the Intelligence System can be bound and distributed royalty free, and agents are WinPE compatible. The live flowchart design of agents can be printed to a web page, and web component agents can be generated with our new beta feature. With a visual design, the Intelligence System allows for the simultaneous design and development of flowcharts, diagnostic and troubleshooting systems, wizards, installation packages, call scripts, and chat bots. Whether you are a Software Engineer, Web Developer, System Administrator, or Tech Support Representative, the Intelligence System is the information technology professional’s must-have tool for computer process automation.

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