Logistics Barcode Labeling Software Reviews

Bulk Barcode Label Generator creates the barcode labels in very less time and cost-effective manner. Software is supported in various versions of Windows like 11, 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista. User can print the barcode labels through general printer as well as barcode label printer. User can create the barcode labels for managing the shipment services by using the following steps-
Step 1: Create the barcode labels by selecting new option in quick barcode mode or barcode designing view mode.
Step 2: Specify various barcode details like barcode value, barcode header text and footer text, bar height, density etc.
Step 3: Customize the barcodes by modifying the various settings like font, images, color etc.
Step 4: Use various designing tools like text, signature, watermarks, shapes, label background etc. to give a rich look to the barcode.
Step 5: Design multiple labels with different barcodes and text values by using the batch processing series option through two ways, custom data sheet and created data list.
*Create a new text file or excel file and add different barcode and text values in it.
*Import this file into the data sheet and multiple barcode labels will be generated.
Step 6: Print multiple designed barcode labels on a single sheet with the help of flexible print settings.
Step 7: Save the designed barcode labels in jpeg, tiff, bitmap, gif, PNG and other file formats.
Highlighted Features:
*Design the barcode labels, stickers, tags etc. in linear and 2d Barcode font standards.
*Export the designed barcode labels in image or PDF format.
*Software allows the user to design multiple labels with different barcode and text values with the help of batch processing series feature
*Advanced print option allows the user to print the multiple barcode labels at the same time.
*Add the barcode labels in several windows applications like MS Word, MS Excel and Paint.

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