Perfect Keylogger for Mac Lite Reviews

Attention: please enter the password “open” to unlock the file.

Perfect Keylogger for Mac Lite is a FREE monitoring software for macOS, created for everybody! With this freeware keystroke logger you can invisibly record keystrokes, iMessage chats, websites and screenshots of user activity. Activity monitoring of your iMac or MacBook – now as easy as never before! Protect your kids from online strangers – without disturbing them. Upgrade to full version now to get invisible mode, emote monitoring, password recording, webcam support, instant copying of the logs USB flash drive and much more!

macOS 10.9-12 are supported.

Perfect Keylogger for Mac Lite features
* Fast and easy installation
* Keystroke logging and application monitoring
* Records chat conversations for Messages. The chats are recorded fully (both ways)
* Website recording (records all web addresses/titles visited in Safar etc)
* Screenshot recording
* Log Viewer – with easy navigation through the log files and slideshow playback

Limitations of the free version:
– No automated installer
– No password recording
– No remote monitoring
– Lacks many other options available in the full version

The Administrator password is required for install this software.

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