PlayerFab DVD Player Reviews

Navigation Menu for all kinds of DVD formats
Navigation menu is also a critical part for DVD playback control. PlayerFab DVD Player offers all-round support for navigation menu playback on all kinds of DVD formats. Original DVD discs, as well as ripped ISO image files or folders are all supported. With this DVD player, a cinema-like home theater is right at your fingertips. And it is time to have fun and fully immerse yourself in that environment.

Playback DVDs in Main Movie Mode
When your DVD contains more than one video title and you only want to play the main part, you can use the Main Movie Mode of this DVD player, landing straightforward on the feature-length title by skipping the other titles. In addition, you can also select other video titles displayed on a Playlist created by this PlayerFab DVD Player.

Support to playback DVD ISO files or folders
It is quite normal if you want to copy your physical DVD discs for backup in case some scratches happen to them. For example, you can use DVDFab DVD Copy to backup the original discs to DVD folders or ISO image files. But how to play those ISO files? PlayerFab DVD Player can not only support physical DVD discs, but also DVD ISO image files or DVD folders. So you can also enjoy ISO files / folders on this DVD player.

Apply AMD, Intel and NVIDIA technology to ensure fluent playback
A choppy or jerky video can really hamper your viewing experience. To avoid this situation, PlayerFab DVD Player applies some advanced technologies, such as AMD, Intel and NVIDIA, to improve the playback smoothness to the next level and ensure you to get a fluent viewing experience.

Import DVD & Blu-ray Discs to local media library as ISO files
Are you still looking for a method to add newly purchased DVD & Blu-ray discs to your local media library for later playback? If so, then it is time to turn to PlayerFab DVD Player.

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