PlayerFab Netflix Player Reviews

Auto-skip intro when playing back the video
Want to save time and jump to the main content directly? PlayerFab Netflix Player is able to satisfy all of your demands. It supports skipping the intro automatically during the process of video display. There is no need to worry about the annoying intro any longer.

Play videos with the audio and subtitles you preset
Audio and languages exert influence on adding zest and a touch of interest. Therefore, PlayerFab Netflix Player allows users to choose the languages of audio and subtitles based on their preference. Try to make your wanted videos with this outstanding media player.

Autoplay next Netflix TV episode
If you are likely to enjoy the Netflix TV series without a break, PlayerFab Netflix Player gives you an immersive and smooth viewing experience by the auto-playback function. Therefore, during the whole process of watching, all you need to do is appreciate the appealing videos without any extra actions.

Control playback speed while watching
Do you find it next to impossible to listen to the speakers carefully while taking notes of the significant content? Or the content is next to useless and you want to skip it? PlayerFab Netflix Player will fix all your problems with ease. Users are allowed to adjust the video speed by accelerating, slowing it down, or even rewinding it by a few seconds.

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