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What is the need of barcode in packaging, supply chain management system?
•Product identification: Barcode has quality to contain many information which helps to identify a product, owner of product, location of delivery name of product and many more.
•Human error elimination: Barcode is modern automatic way to store data or records so there is very few chance of error. It is able to calculate and maintain the values that feature of this eliminate the human error.
•Labor cost reduces: Software creates barcodes in just some steps. We can get all the information of barcode by scanning of barcode.
•Remove manual data entry mistakes: In the manual data entry have many chances of mistakes in calculation and feeding .We can reduces these mistakes by using barcodes.
•Cost effective: Software is very cost effective because we can generate many numbers of barcodes with containing different values.
How can barcode helps in supply chain management system
•Product tracking: Barcode creating software creates barcode which can track the product from manufacture to delivery.
•Handling and transportation: Barcode contains the complete information regarding product handling and transportation that can be easily generated by packaging industry barcode software.
•Inventory control: Barcode helps to maintain the inventory we can get the all details of product stock and delivery very easily.
•Product delivery management: Barcode is very helpful to manage of product supply chain. Customer can also track their product from shipping to deliver using barcode which can be easily developed by barcode generating software.
•Maintain records: Barcode generating software generated barcode has ability to maintain recodes and details. It maintains the data security and gives perfect accuracy and efficiency.

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