Robo Terror Reviews

With the development of artificial intelligence, a predictable problem came along. Robots, which were created to serve humans, rebelled against their creators and launched full-scale military operations on the streets of Neositi. By exterminating people, robots show their superiority over people and consider themselves a new round of evolution and humanity is a relic of the past. But the main character Kyle Connor does not agree with this state of affairs, armed to the teeth, he goes to prove to the robots that they were very wrong. Robo Terror is a fast-paced, hardcore platformer and side-scrolling action shooter. in the hero’s arsenal there are 3 types of weapons, a blaster, a gatling laser and a beam cannon, there are also grenades.

-Colorful pixel art
-the appearance of enemies is generated randomly
-Enemies weapons are randomly generated
-20 levels
-3 bosses

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