RTF TO DOC Converter Batch Reviews

RTF to DOC Converter Batch is a fast and reliable Format converter for MS word files. Tool seamlessly converts format of large number of RTF files to DOC format in a single batch process saving precious time of users. Need to convert RTF files to DOC format arises as DOC provides more formatting options compared to RTF. RTF provides only simple formatting options like boldface, font size, italics, types etc. but DOC allows the user with advanced formatting options. Disadvantage of DOC is that it is not supported by text editor tools. So, users generally convert format from DOC to RTF to process files on text editor tools. After processing files by converting to RTF format users simply convert them back to DOC format for better formatting. Thus arises need for RTF to DOC converters. Recognising this need we have come up with ‘RTF to DOC Converter Batch’. The tool is very efficient at converting format of files from RTF to DOC and saving converted files. One important advantage of DOC files over RTF files is security. DOC provides security options and user are allowed to encrypt the document. This is a fast tool and is compatible to different platforms of Windows like Windows XP/ Vista/2007/2008 etc. Utility of Format Converters is immense in present scenario. Users are widely using RTF to DOC converters and DOC to RTF converters to process word files amicably.

The key features of RTF to DOC Converter Batch are as follows:

Allows the user to convert format of large number of MS word files from RTF to DOC format.
Converts format of large number of RTF files to DOC format in a single batch process.
Useful for users needing to convert files to DOC format for formatting purpose.
Provides saving options and allows the users to save converted files.
Leaves out text unchanged.
Is easily downloadable.
Is compatible with different versions of windows.

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