School ID Cards Maker Software Reviews

School ID card designer software to create standard and customized ID cards. Application provides simple user interface so that user can easily design student ID cards and manage them properly. Users can choose three types of card shapes, such as rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ellipses. Software provides the option to add photos to student ID cards, either using the camera setting option or browse the path of image saved on the user’s PC. Student ID card maker has many tools, shapes, designs, styles, templates, effects, and backgrounds that help in making attractive student ID cards. Users can change the card’s properties like image, text, card shape, card size, background, card border etc. User can also change the properties of image such as angle, brightness, transparency using Image editing option. Software provides a ‘Fill user details’ option for filling out a user profile if they need to enter the details manually. Software allows users to design new format student ID cards or edit existing student ID cards as per need. Software has an option to change page properties, print margins, card margins, and spacing using print settings. Users can choose a card category such as PVC card or paper card. Users can also choose horizontal or vertical orientation of card. Design student ID cards using line, arc, text, barcode, picture, signature, Watermark and other image designing objects.

Student ID Cards Designer Software Features:
*Software provides option to copy current card design to the other side of the card.
* Save and print designed identity cards into various file formats like GIF, JPEG, BITMAP, PNG, and TIFF.
* Users can easily export student details to excel file for future use.
* Print designed school ID cards using flexible print setting feature.
*School Id Badges maker software has batch processing feature to create multiple student’s cards using Excel and TXT-based files.

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