USB Sim Card Reader Reviews

Dekart sim card reader provides quick and easy solution for recovering the all lost and corrupted sms, contact name and numbers. USB sim card information backup device gives the full backup of your deleted data items and restore them into the sim card memory. Contact reader software recovers missing or misplaced data from your sim card. Sim card sms recovery application can rescue read and unread inbox, outbox text messages including with message sender name and number. SIM card mobile express card reader also recoup all details of call like dialed calls, missed calls and received call information. Sim card message backup machine revives your mislaid data taking minimum time without affecting any previously saved data items. Data processing tool is non-destructive and read only software that supports all major types of sim card readers like LG-SIMCR-001, Micro SD/T-F Card, GF-CR05, ESR4618, GF-SCB-601, ACR38T, ACT30, ACR38DT Dual Key smart card, USB2.0 All-In-1 Card, 3.5″, 5.25″ Internal Card, T-flash and Imono USB 2.0 SD SIM card readers. Program supports all types of card reader, seller, maker, manufacturer, hardware. It salvages your important data when your sim is not locked and does not require any pin code or authorization code.
* Application recovers your sms messages that are not readable in your mobile phone.
* Provides the printing facility that prints the entire recovered item.
* Sim card SMS reader tool fetches the data that is accidently erased.
* Software can easily rescue your erased information using the card reader and personal computer.
* Program revives your data from every type of sim cards that belongs from any country or network.
* It is non-destructive and read only utility that easily operate on all versions of windows operating system.
* Software examines the contents stored in the sim card like contact name, numbers, sms.

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