Video DRM Protection Reviews

Protection of video and audio files against unauthorized viewing and illegal distribution.

High-level Encryption: With 256-bit AES encryption and advanced video encoding algorithm, more secure and reliable!
Anti Screen Recorder: Automatically identify various known and unknown screen recorder software and prevent it from running.
Fast and stable: Encrypted video can be quickly played, the user will not feel the delay.
License Control: Only with the play password, can the user play the video; Limit the number of plays and the expiration date.
Watermark: Set different text watermark for each user. Static watermark and floating watermark are supported.
Support large files: maximum support 100G!
Compatibility: Support Windows 2003/XP/7/8/10, 32 & 64-bit

Video DRM Protection is designed to protect audio files (mp3, ogg, wma, wav, etc.) and video files (avi, mpg, wmv, etc.) intended for playback on personal computers against copying, illegal distribution and unauthorized use. The program converts your files into standalone, executable media applications that can only be run on Authorized PC.

Video files can be divided into several groups:

Educational materials: Educational multimedia courses, recordings of trainings, seminars, webinars and so on.
Materials for corporate use: Recordings of corporate events (trainings, festivals, awards, parties, etc.).
Personal and copyrighted materials: Family audio/video archives, personal portfolios, presentations of research papers and so on.
Materials for free distribution: Commercials, materials with scientific and cognitive content

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