VideoProc Vlogger Reviews

VideoProc Vlogger is designed by Digiarty Software. Its a fully-featured free video editing software to ensure users can make impressive edits for everyday creativity, special moments or just fun. Its friendly with low-end computers, makes 4K editing stable and smooth, and supports many media formats and codecs.

The basic features allow you to split and crop video clips, add text and filters, add transitions between shots, add music to the video, etc. For more advanced and non-professional hobbyists, VideoProc Vlogger supports premium features from an advanced audio editor to motion crop and speed ramp capabilities that are not covered in other free video editing software.

Whether youre new to video editing or somewhat familiar with its basic concepts, VideoProc Vlogger has all of the major bases covered, including motion, speed, audio, and color.

Creative Features
Motion – Create camera movements including Zoom in/out, Pan, Tilt, Dolly, Truck, Rotate or add keyframes to customize motion path and directions.
Speed – Accelerate or slow down the video speed with the 14 built-in effects, or manually control it by dragging the Bezier curve.
Audio – Edit the audio with 12 built-in audio filters, including stereo effects, denoise, high-pass, etc.
Color – Correct and grade video color with 93 built-in LUTS and filters; add third-party LUTS and more.

Highlight Features
Fully hardware accelerated 4K editing.
Intuitive and precise timeline editing.
Supports 999+ tracks in the timeline.
A high quality render engine.
Review your edit in real-time.
Auto save projects during editing.
Edit with shortcuts.

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