Windows Bulk Text Messaging Software Reviews

Mass SMS sender for Windows OS helps users to communicate worldwide with no use of Internet connection. User can send their personal or business messages to anyone in few mouse clicks. Users can load multiple contacts into software by clicking on Load Contacts from File button and send single or multiple messages to them. Software allows adding recipient’s number manually and sending personal and business messages to them. Software is easily operable because of its simple user interface and design.
PC to mobile SMS sender allows users to send group text messages and connect with a big number of individuals from anywhere in the globe. In only a few simple mouse clicks, text messaging software allows you to send event notice data and other messages to multiple Android, GSM mobile and Microsoft Windows based mobile users. Software provides an option to send UNICODE SMS containing alphabets, digits, and special characters.
Mass SMS sender for Windows OS enables users to send different notifications like job, personal, or business etc. to several people at once without the need for an internet connection. This professional software has delayed delivery option to control the load of bulk SMS transmission. User can download the software and have a trial route of the software to know how the software works and send messages to multiple mobile phone users.
Software Features:
*Software helps to market the products and increase sales and revenue of a business.
*Software supports Unicode languages to send messages worldwide.
*User can load contact list via excel or text files or add or paste numbers manually for delivering messages to multiple users.
*Software provides SMS Sending Modes to check what type of setting will work on your mobile device before sending SMS.
*Users can create Personalize dynamic SMS to convey their message clearly and precisely to customers.

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